Esra'a Saleh

Esra'a Saleh

Hi there citizen of the Internet! My name is Esra’a, pleasure to meet you!

I am a Computer Science PhD Researcher / Student at Mila and the University of Montreal working with Dr. Glen Berseth and Dr. Aaron Courville. Prior to that, I completed my Computer Science Masters with Dr. Michael Bowling at the University of Alberta, AMII and the RLAI Lab.

My interests are broadly in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I like adopting problems in Representation Learning and Reinforcement Learning. Within a sequential decision making setting, I am currently experimenting with ideas in generalization, incorporating inductive priors, planning, and long-term decision making.

Outside of the world of research, I love mentoring aspiring Computer Scientists, downhill skiing, tinkering with electronics, and creative writing! I enjoy talking with new people and learning from their life experiences, so feel free to reach out. Lets grab a virtual coffee together :)

Here’s a dedicated link for scheduling research or career chats. If no time listed would work for you, email me and we’ll come up with other time-slots.