Esra'a Saleh

Esra'a Saleh

MSc. Student

University of Alberta


Hi there citizen of the Internet! My name is Esra’a, pleasure to meet you!

I am a Computer Science Masters student at the University of Albetra. My research interests are broadly in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I am currently working on a research project on Model-Based Reinfrocement Learning in a continual learning setting.

Outside of the world of research, I love mentoring aspiring Computer Scientists, downhill skiing, tinkering with electronics, and creative writing! I like talking to new people, so feel free to reach out. Lets grab a virtual coffee together :)

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • Reinforcment Learning
  • MSc in Computer Science, 2020 - Present

    University of Alberta. Edmonton, AB, Canada.

  • Bachelor in Computer Science, Minor in Math, 2020

    Carleton University. Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Creative Writing